The Right’s escalating fear of a Black planet

“I question those accused: Why is this fear of black from white influence who you choose?”-Public Enemy

The above question was as asked by rapper, lecturer and cultural icon Chuck D in the song, “Fear of a Black Planet” in 1990. Almost two decades later, that question is sadly still relevant.


To say that there isn’t a fear of Obama’s presidency largely
based on his skin color is like saying students at major universities don’t
have trouble finding parking.


Just look at the demographic of those Tea Parties and town
hall protesters who claim to be “afraid.” The crowds look whiter than a Jimmy
Buffet concert! <!–more–>


And there is no coincidence in the rise in gun sales since
Obama won the election. Gun rights proponents will claim the rise is strictly
political since democrats in the past decades have not always been so “gun-ho”
about the Second Amendment.


Yet, Obama has always supported gun rights and said he has
no interest in taking them away. So what are they really afraid of?


Parallel to the rise in gun ownership is the number of
militias that have been popping up. The Internet is filled with recruitment Web
sites and videos for these groups.


I guess Britain is trying to get America back?


According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a group that
monitors hate groups, along with the stress of a poor economy, an
administration led by a black president are among the reasons for the rise in


It should go without saying that these militia groups have
as much ethnic diversity as the cast of The Hills.


Jimmy Carter said in an NBC interview that most of the
“animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a
black man.”


Now this wasn’t Reverend Jackson or Al Sharpton uttering
these words.


This was an 85-year-old white man from Georgia who is a
former U.S. president and Nobel Peace Prize winner.


If Carter says racism is involved, at the least it should be


Of course when Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough heard this,
typical to his “good ol’ boy from Pensacola roots,” he denied race has anything
to do with the opposition to Obama.


Well, maybe Scarborough never received the e-mail depicting
our new national bird as a piece of fried chicken.


Or heard about the Tennessee GOP senate staffer who
circulated e-mails depicting Obama as a “spook.” Or seen the T-shirts that
showed a picture of Curious George with the phrase “Obama ‘08” beneath.


Apparently Scarborough is not even shocked about the
protestors’ posters depicting Obama in the stereotyped garb of an imaginary
African witch doctor!


This fear of a black takeover has even hit the wigs. Glenn
Beck believes that Obama’s whole legislative agenda has been to get payback for
the suffering of blacks.


Saying it’s “all driven by President Obama’s thinking on one
idea: Reparations.” Really Beck? Well, I can’t wait for these reparations
because I have student loans that need to be paid off.


I understand that some people just don’t like Obama and his


The way people are these days, it probably wouldn’t matter
what the president’s ethnicity was, they just are not going to agree with
anything he is trying to do. But to think that America has all of sudden become
colorblind is foolish.


Obama stated during his election campaign that if we as a
country plan on getting past the issue of race, we must begin to have a
dialogue about race.


Treating racism as the elephant in the room is not going to
benefit the country.


After acknowledging this, maybe we can focus on the last
words of Public Enemy’s song: “All I want is peace and love on this planet.
Ain’t how that God planned it?”


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